Kristy Forbes

is an autistic support specialist for neurodivergent people and their families and professionals;

and the Founder and Director of inTune Pathways.

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We are passionate about radical acceptance and the celebration of neurodivergence. We work toward social change that is built on a foundation of inclusion, equity and support.

Our practice is family centred, with a strong emphasis on the need for the entire family to have their individual needs met in order to thrive.

We are an LGBTQIA+ embracing organisation and we understand that culture, race, disability, neurotype and gender diversity all contribute to a rich and thriving society when all of our luminous qualities and values are embraced and understood. 





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"Kristy was kind, professional, and very knowledgeable! She has a gift of intuition and understanding. I highly recommend her parent support services! "

Sandi Lerman
MA, Ed HeartStrong Parenting Program

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